February 26, 2016


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Creek Road Youth is a dynamic youth community that has a diversity of young people following Jesus together. All our youth ministries are about helping youth connect with Jesus and grow in their love and service of him.

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Grade 12s have finished school and finished youth. So what is next?
Come along this Wednesday as we discuss what it means to transition to adult life, including life in church.
5-7 pm - Talking next steps, including what it means to connect to Creek Road as an adult.
7-9:30 pm - Visiting Young Adults growth group. This will include pizzas, garlic bread, drinks and few games as they have a fun night to finish the year. Bring a few dollars to chip in.

A HUUUUGE thank you to our grade 12 leaders who have finished many years of youth ministry with us and their youth. You are awesome and we love you. #creekroadyouth #leaderswholast #discipleshipneverends

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This week we are looking at - As Jesus’ community we reach out in love and serve those around us, like Jesus has done for us.

Grade 6-12
All Welcome

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