Partner Churches

Dozens of churches around Australia are benefiting from people investing in Gospel ministry at Creek Road. We’re making our sermon series PowerPoints, song-selection, service outlines, video setup pieces, Kids Church lessons and Growth Group booklets from previous terms available as resources to these churches via a partnership arrangement with their Pastors. Many other churches are benefiting from the material we produce and post online to be used freely. We’d love this number to grow.

Here’s Jon Nuttall, a pastor at a Presbyterian Church in Newcastle, talking about what this partnership means for his church.


At Creek Road we’re excited to be partnering with churches around Australia to help proclaim the good news of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  We’re excited to be equipping churches with resources to help them as they reach the communities around them.

We provide these resources free of charge to the churches we are partnering with.  We want to provide them as a gift to our partner churches. Yet the production of a series and the associated resources is costly.  There is a very real and substantial investment our congregations are making to produce these resources.  We estimate that it currently costs about $240,000 (or about $60,000 per series) in direct staff costs to produce a year’s worth of teaching material and associated resources.  The table below shows how these costs are broken down:

Ministry Area Cost
Creek Road Media Team $53,984
Preaching and Teaching Team $139,344
Pathway Team $42,716
Campus Support Team $3,956
Total Cost to Develop Series $240,000


While we provide these resources free of charge we also acknowledge that many of the churches we partner with may have the financial capacity to freely choose to support this ministry so that we can continue to invest in growing this ministry and make it freely available to more churches.  We ask that your church prayerfully consider whether you can partner with us in this way to help us to continue to produce these resources.

If you are interested in becoming a partner church or would like more information, please contact us at