Growth Groups (Small Groups)

Our goal for our people once they’ve connected with us is to join a Growth Group. They’re like a small group, a Bible study group or a home group.

Deciding to follow Jesus is a life-long journey that challenges everything we do and know about life. We can’t do it alone. God promises to help, and he gives us a community of people to journey with. All over the southside of Brisbane, people from Creek Road meet in homes, restaurants and parks to develop friendships, read the Bible together, learn about Jesus, discuss the Sunday sermon, share life’s joys and struggles, pray for each other, laugh and cry, do the neighbours gardening, and support each other as they tell their friends and family about Jesus. We call these groups “Growth Groups”, because just as a plant grows when it is watered and fed, we develop in our new life following Jesus as we learn about him and live by his hope and promises through the turmoil of life.

We would love for you to join a Growth Group here at Creek Road, as we journey in new life following Jesus together.