Locations & Services

We are a church located on the south side of Brisbane.

We have three campuses: Carina, South Bank and Springfield, with church services at different times at each.

Find out about locations and service times here.

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1541 Creek Road, Carina

9AM || 6PM

South Bank

20 Bailey Street, West End (LifePlace Church Building)

4:00 PM (Come early and have a coffee)


Main Auditorium, University of Southern Queensland, Springfield Campus


Each of these church services is the same and there is kids church at all our morning services. We teach the same series across all three locations – our Bible talks, Creek Road Kids material, and the songs we sing are synced across our campuses.

We do this because we want every one of our church services to be an opportunity to hear about who Jesus is, from the Bible, in a clear way. We want you to feel free to come to any of these services, because they’re for anyone and everyone.


services, church services, church locations, church services south side brisbane, church services brisbaneIf you’re new, we’d love to invite you to meet us before or after the service.

If you want to meet us beforehand, you can contact us to let us know, or just find someone in our Connect team when you arrive. Our Connect team is always happy to show you the ropes, and to answer any questions you have about what’s going to happen in the service, where the toilets are, or where you should sit (anywhere). They’ve got a little welcome pack, which will give you a feel for who we are, what we do, and why we like talking about Jesus so much.


Here’s how a service will run, so you’ll know what to expect. We think each of these things are important parts of following Jesus together:

A few songs. We love singing about Jesus and what he has done for us at the cross. We think music is really helpful for communicating, and learning, and really enjoyable. The songs link in with the talk, and you can see what songs are on the list in any series by subscribing to our Spotify playlist.

Some prayers. When we get together on a Sunday we’re getting together because we follow Jesus and that means we have a relationship with the God who made the universe. Usually we say something about how great he is based on what we’re thinking about that Sunday, we say thanks for the good things he has given us (especially Jesus), and we say sorry because we do wrong things. We pray about the things that are wrong with the world, and that more people would meet Jesus. If you come along and you don’t know Jesus already – you are, quite literally, an answer to our prayers.

A Kids Talk.  Because Jesus is for everybody we want to speak about Jesus in a way kids will understand. Kids Talks happen every week at Carina, Springfield and South Bank. They happen just before the kids head out to Kids Church.

A Video.  We live in a multimedia world, and Creek Road Media makes videos that provoke us to think about the big idea and that are designed to start conversations.

A reading from the Bible. We believe the Bible is all about Jesus. It tells us who Jesus is, who we are, and how we should live if we want to follow Jesus as our king. We want all services to be based on the Bible, and we want to make what the Bible says clear and engaging.

A 25 minute Bible talk. This talk is often called a “sermon” – it’s a chance for us to hear from somebody about how the bit of the Bible we’ve read is about Jesus, how Jesus answers big questions for how we live now, and we hope it will raise questions for each person hearing it. We aim to go for about 20 minutes – like a TV show – but sometimes they’ll be a bit longer.

A Closing Song – We hope this final bit of singing will help us reflect on what has been said, and how we’ve been challenged.

A time to chat – Stick around and get to know us over some food and something to drink. It’s people that make a church. If you’re not sure of what to do or where to go, our connect team want to look after you.