What we believe

We believe that the Bible makes sense of our present experience of the world.

Have you ever wondered why we have a sense of something much better? Why do we have a sense of something not being right in this world? That there is a better place? Why do we have a sense of some “home” that we’ve never actually been to?

We believe the Bible makes sense of our longings for a better future.

We believe it makes sense of the extremes of good and evil we see in our world and (in our honest moments) know about ourselves. We believe that in the person of Jesus, real answers are found to the deep questions of our hearts.

The opening chapters of the Bible describe the home we lost.

Genesis 1 and 2 show us the one true God making a beautiful world. A perfect world for us to enjoy. A perfect relationship with God for us to enjoy. Perfect relationships with each other to enjoy. Home loving and serving the one true God, and serving each other.

Sadly, this wonderful home was very short lived…

Genesis 3 describes how we lost this home – the home we somehow remember and still long for. It shows us the disastrous choice Adam and Eve made, putting this home and all its relationships into ruin. It’s a choice we’ve all followed since – to serve ourselves instead of God and each other. It’s a choice the Bible calls sin. It’s a choice with deadly consequences for us and our world. It sets us on an eternal pathway of death.

The closing chapters of the Bible describe the true home we long for.

Revelation 21 and 22 show us an eternal future that answers the deep longings of our heart. A world of untarnished beauty. A world no longer in decay. Relationships of perfect love. No more pain or tears or sickness or suffering or death. Eternal joy and peace.

How can we ever regain the home we lost in Genesis, promised in Revelation?

Jesus is the connection.

Jesus is the answer to our longing hearts. He promises to take us to the home we long for. He stepped into this world to make that possible.

Have you read the gospels? Have you met Jesus there? Have you been met by Jesus there? You can meet someone who stirs those memories of a better place. You can meet someone who stirs your heart and shows a better way. You can meet someone inviting you home. With an invitation written in blood.

Jesus died on the cross to invite you home.

An invitation to be completely forgiven. An invitation to make a new choice to no longer serve ourselves but to serve God. An invitation to come back home.

Jesus rose from the dead to show this invitation home is real.

It shows us that the deadly consequences of our sin have been dealt with. It opens the door to our heavenly home. It sets us on an eternal pathway of life.

Jesus doesn’t leave us on our own as we journey on this new road to heaven.
He gives us his Word, the Bible, to describe life on this new road. He gives us his Spirit who makes our hearts alive. And he gives us a new community. Brothers and sisters gathered around Jesus.

Our gathering is not yet perfect as it will be in heaven.

We are not yet perfect as we will be in heaven. But as we celebrate and live out the love and forgiveness of God in Jesus, we have a taste of our eternal home in heaven. As we grow in this new life of serving Jesus and each other, we have a taste of our eternal home in heaven.


What is a Presbyterian?

It means we’re part of something bigger – we’re not just part of the whole number of children of God who have ever lived, we’re joined with a bunch of other Christians around the world, around Australia, around Queensland, and around Brisbane who share a similar understanding of what it means to follow Jesus, and how we should structure our community. We don’t really make a big deal about being Presbyterian – we want people who’ve come from all sorts of other church traditions to feel comfortable being followers of Jesus with us, and there are hundreds of other ways to do church, but here’s why we like being Presbyterian.

  • Accountability: As Presbyterians we not only need to sign up to what our core beliefs are, we have a system that makes sure we stick to it. This starts with our elders – who work within our church to make sure the things we do are stacking up with what we believe, and what we’re on about, but it spreads to our relationship with other churches in our area, Queensland, and Australia.
  • Majors on the right things: The Presbyterian Church is really solid on the important stuff, like who God is, who Jesus is, what the Bible is about, how people become followers of Jesus, and what that means. It has a long history of fighting for and holding on to those truths, and traces its roots back to the Reformation, where the “reformers” (the people who launched the Reformation) were really big on making it clear that faith in Jesus, not stuff we do, is what counts for everything.
  • Lets small things be small things: The Presbyterian Church also gives different churches in different places freedom in how we do church so we can reach different people in different ways with these same truths.

If you want to find out more about what “Presbyterian” means – or any of this stuff – we want to invite you to come along on a Sunday and join us for a Connect Course.

What sort of church are you?

We love Jesus.

We believe the God who created the world has revealed himself to us in Jesus, a real man who lived, died, and was raised from the dead, in the Middle East, almost 2,000 years ago. We believe that this proved that Jesus was the king the Old Testament (the first half of the Bible) had promised was coming. We believe that Jesus the ascended up to heaven, and supplied his followers with the Holy Spirit – who works to make followers of Jesus more like him, more like the children of God that humans were created to be. This means we’re Trinitarian – we believe in one God, in three persons – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This means we stand in the traditions of the earliest church, as recorded in the Bible and then made official by council meetings who put together things called “creeds,” which outline what Christians believe.

We love the Bible.

Because we believe God wants us to know him through Jesus, and we believe the Bible tells us who Jesus is, we love the Bible and think that it is the best way for us to understand who God is. Feelings and emotions are good tools, but the Bible is the ultimate guide. So we want everything we do to be consistent with what the Bible says about Jesus.

We love God’s family, the church.

We believe that people who follow Jesus become part of God’s family – that this is the ultimate form of human relationship – more important than marriage, more important than your own biological family – these things are great, and important, but the ultimate relationship is our relationship with God, and that flows into new relationships with his other children. We love marriage, we love family, but we want to be a community where people who aren’t married, or who don’t have children, feel like they’re absolutely as valuable to us as anybody else. Because if you’re a follower of Jesus, you’re a child of God. That’s what it means to be part of a church.