Connect || Grow || Serve

Horizontal Pathway

At Creek Road we talk a lot about ‘pathways’.

These pathways reflect this New Road, this eternal pathway that Jesus has set us upon. Everything we do at Creek Road is about growing mature servants of Jesus, as a reflection of where our eternal pathway is leading. ‘Connect, Grow, Serve’ is our horizontal pathway to maturity. ‘Kids, Youth and Young Adults’ is our vertical pathway to maturity.

What will this maturity look like? Maturity is about growing a servant- heart. A heart for Jesus. A heart for the lost. A heart for giving.

At Creek Road, we want people to connect to God through Jesus, to grow as they follow Jesus, and to serve Jesus from the heart.

Connect is the first step along our ministry pathway of ‘Connect, Grow, Serve’.

It’s all about making it easy for people to connect to Jesus. It’s because of Jesus that we make sure the entire church service is welcoming to newcomers and presents the message of the cross clearly. It’s because of Jesus that we invite newcomers to join us in for community and fellowship after the service, where we can meet them personally. It’s because of Jesus that we invite newcomers to join our online community; to sign up for Connect Lunch so they can find out more about our church; and to join a Growth Group at Creek Road.

Growth Groups are where we experience the closeness of family relationships as our hearts beat together for Jesus.

Once a person has completed Connect Lunch or Dinner, they are invited to take this step of joining a Growth Group, to keep growing in their relationship with Jesus through studying God’s Word in relationship with other believers.

You don’t have to be a follower of Jesus to join a Growth Group, we invite you to be part of these groups once you’ve decided to connect with us. Growth Groups are where we meet together regularly with the same people, where we share our lives, we love and care for one another, and where you will learn what it means to have your life changed from an eternal pathway to death to an eternal pathway to life. Growth Groups can also grow together as they serve together.

At Creek Road we are not only a church of Growth Groups but also a church of Ministry Teams.

Serving together in Ministry Teams is another way we build our understanding of our connection with each other. Joining a Ministry Team is the next step in our ‘Connect, Grow, Serve’ horizontal pathway – and also a big part of our vertical pathway as kids, youth and young adults also serve in age appropriate ways.

What does it mean for you to serve at Creek Road? Serving is a great way for you to grow. Serving in a Ministry Team is a great way for you to develop relationships with others beyond your Growth Group, and grow your connection and appreciation of our new community.

Our serve ministry is all about Jesus. Serve is about growing Servant Hearts as we serve Jesus together; matching Servant Hearts and hands with needs; matching God-given gifts with opportunities to serve. Serve is about being open to new challenges and discovering new gifts as we serve Jesus together. The mission to reach our city is too big for pigeon holes. It’s too big for us to believe there is only one way we are gifted. There is more than one way we can serve Jesus!