Introducing Creek Road Springfield

On Sunday, Creek Road Presbyterian Church officially became one church meeting in two locations.

Newlife Presbyterian Church in Springfield has recently made the decision to merge with our church family to become Creek Road Springfield.

The transition officially took place at on the 1st of August, so Sunday was the first Sunday since this change.

We are thrilled to join with our brothers and sisters in Springfield, and thrilled to have them join us, as together we try to reach the city, and reach the world, with the good news about the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

Creek Road Springfield currently meets on Sundays at 9am in level four of the main building at the University of Southern Queensland Springfield Campus.

Our senior pastor Steve Cree, and our Operations Manager Terry Cave were at Springfield for the first Creek Road service on Sunday.

jack teepa preaching at SpringfieldJack Teepa preaching at Creek Road Springfield on Sunday August 4.

The transition into Creek Road’s teaching calendar will take place from the start of term 4.

While much of the transition to this stage has been at the denominational level (Presbytery) and church board level, the Springfield congregation is excited about this new step. Steve says when he and Terry went along on Sunday to pray for, and encourage, the congregation, they thought the transition might be something to be eased into.

“We sought to assure them that we would work with them through various changes at a reasonable pace. Their reply was “No, let’s get on with it!”. “We’ve been praying about this for months!””

“In it all, the constant word on everyone’s lips is why we’re doing this: “Jesus”.”

It’s exciting that our brothers and sisters in Springfield want to get on with reaching the lost for Jesus.

We want to thank the leadership at Springfield for the humility and grace they have shown in the transition, and we thank God for the people already on the ground in Springfield with servant hearts and servant hands.

While this means Creek Road is a church meeting in two locations, the Creek Road board, and staff, are working towards starting a new campus in South Bank in the new year, with trial services to take place at Queensland Theatre Company before the end of the year.

These are big changes.

These are challenging changes for all of us.

On the previous Sunday, Steve shared something of the burden these changes are placing on his heart, and his thanks for the way our Carina campus has been prayerfully, financially, and phyiscally supportive of these changes that have developed very quickly.

He also spoke of some structural changes that are taking place to accommodate these changes, including changes to his role as he leads a church meeting in three locations. Our three campuses will have three “campus pastors” – Dave Bailey at Carina, Joe Wee at Springfield, and Nathan Campbell at Southbank.

We will provide more information about these changes, and roles, in the lead up to Vision Sunday. 

Here is Steve’s prayer from that Sunday, we’d encourage you to pray for these changes, and for all of us as we adapt to the opportunities that we believe God is placing before us.

Dear Heavenly Father

Thank you for Jesus. Thank you for our precious wonderful Saviour, the Lord Jesus. Thank you that he stepped out of the ultimate comfort zone, in the most extraordinary of ways. Thank you that he came to seek and save the lost. Lost people like us. Sinners like us. Thank you that for him, taking up a cross was the literal reality of your plan to save sinners: a real cross outside Jerusalem, where he shed his blood for us. Thank you that the guilty verdict landed on him, that we might hear a not guilty from your throne. Thank you that he rose from the grave victorious. Thank you that he has poured out your Holy Spirit. Thank you that he grants eternal life to all who believe. From grateful hearts we thank you.

Thank you for those who’ve gone before us, proclaiming salvation through Jesus. Thank you for the apostles who first announced the gospel and who suffered great discomfort. Thank you, indeed, that they gave their very lives for the sake of others hearing the gospel. Thank you that they did this in service of the one who gave his life to win us salvation. Thank you also for those believers whose shoulders we stand on – for Reformers like John Calvin and Martin Luther who had a fresh vision for proclamation of the eternal gospel in their time and place. And we thank you for those who have gone before us here, in this place, who had the vision to build this facility here in Carina, embracing change with all its challenges, so many more people could be reached with the gospel. Please help us now to keep moving forward in that gospel vision.

Thanks for these three men who stand with me now, who stand with us today. We pray for Dave, Nathan and Joe. We pray for their wives and for their families. Empower them by your Holy Spirit, we ask, our great God. Strengthen them, equip them and embolden them to be men of the gospel in word and deed. We thank you for them. Help us to stand with them. To encourage them. To make their work in the gospel a joy not a burden, as your Word commands us. To pray for them.

And so Father I also pray for all of us gathered here today. You know all of our hearts. Our excitement. Our fears. Our struggles. May that same gospel that saves us also strengthen our hearts today. May the knowledge that you have not even held back your own Son fill us with confidence that you will surely provide all we need, as you call us to serve, to worship you, in all things. May our steps forward in mission, be the very same steps that lead us to maturity as believers. So Father I pray now that your Spirit will move in all of our hearts, to soften our hearts, to align our hearts with yours. May our hearts beat in time with yours. Father unleash in your church the gifts, the passions, the vision needed to honour you.

Finally Father, we pray for the lost around us. We pray for any here today who do not yet understand the verdict that fell on Jesus so that we can escape it. Please open the eyes of their hearts to see Jesus. We pray that their hearts would come alive with the heartbeat of Jesus in them.  Please prepare the hearts of many lost people we ask, here at Carina, at Southbank, at Springfield, in the many places we are partnering with other churches… please pour out your mercy in abundance that many might be saved.

And Father, as we now come to hear your Living Word, to consider how it speaks life into our fallen world today… as we sit under the scandalous shocking message of the greatest justice story ever, please minister to our hearts we ask… in Jesus name. Amen.