Image Is Everything: Who do you think you are?

Who are you?

How do you understand what it means not just to be human, but to be you?

When you look in the mirror what’s the criteria running through your head while you figure out if you like the image staring back at you?

These are profound questions. They’re questions of identity. Who are you? Who are we? Who are we if together we’re in Christ, united to the God who made us by the Spirit of Jesus?

These aren’t just profound philosophical questions that might keep you up at night, they’re profoundly important questions we’re hoping to explore this term as we think about a couple of bigger questions: Who do you think God is? And what does it mean when the Bible says we’re made in his image?

Image is everything. Whose image shapes you?

This is one of the fundamental ideas underpinning how most people tackle questions of identity. Whether you’re looking for the authenticity that comes through a real coherence between who you are, in your inner self and who you portray yourself to be to the world, or you’re looking to hide your ‘true’ self behind a carefully curated image — we are living breathing images. We all present an image to the world. Maybe it’s the image you project using social media, or the image you craft through the way you speak or live in the world, maybe its just the picture others form of you as you blunder your way through life. The question is not ‘do you present an image to the world?’ — the question is ‘what image do you present?’ — or, perhaps as the Bible puts it ‘whose image do you present?’ The answer to this question really matters. The story of the Bible, from start to finish, the story that explains who you are, as a human, is that image matters.

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