Leave to Serve

We all accumulate annual leave. But how can we use our time wisely? Here is a reflection from someone who recently used her leave to serve the church.

The Hyper-Scheduled Life

Hyper-scheduling. It’s a problem in all of our lives, but it’s a problem in our kids’ lives too. What affect is a parent’s need to hyper-schedule their child, having on their spiritual life?


Indonesia, our neighbour Indonesia is a close neighbour to Australia and has a population of over 266 million with around 56% of this population living on the island of Java. …

Busting Six Easter Myths

1. Easter is a pagan moon or spring festival that Christians took over. One of the more persistent myths about Easter is about its origins; particularly because of the weird, …

Looking for a leader

The Australian Cricket Team are looking for a leader. The name ‘Steve Smith’ is appearing in headlines alongside words such as ‘shame’ and ‘disgrace.’ The position of Australian Test Captain …