February 26, 2016


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Creek Road Youth is a dynamic youth community that has a diversity of young people following Jesus together. All our youth ministries are about helping youth connect with Jesus and grow in their love and service of him.

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Thanks to everyone who helped out with packing boxes of books for kids from PNG last Saturday. A great growth group activity to do together.

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Is God Serious about Sin?

Come and join us as we work our way through the bible this term. See how people in the old testament were scattered but God ultimately brought them back to him through Jesus.

Grade 7-12
Carina and Springfield

All Welcome!

Growth Groups are the cornerstone of our Youth ministry. Check out why and a few tips.

REMINDER - There is no Friday Night Youth Connect this week. Just to help you overcome the sadness and because it is Wednesday Hump Day here is a playlist you should really listen to...

Your greatest glory will be that you belong to him. 2 Thessalonians 1:12 #toliveischristtodieisgain #hope #lifeinjesus #victoryandsurrender

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