Spiritual Disciplines

After talking about change as not coming through morality or rule keeping, it might seem a bit contradictory to talk about discipline as an important part of the Christian life. Spiritual disciplines are practices that the church has historically seen as useful in personal transformation. They’ve been treated suspiciously by a number of Christians for[…]

Being Church Together

It began sounding like one of those dream church planting stories. The gospel was brought to a particular city for the first time and many people turned to Jesus. A church sprang up and began to grow quickly. It was made up of people from a few different cultural backgrounds meeting together. The church began[…]

The biggest threat to talking about Jesus in Queensland (and Australia) isn’t the government….

It’s the Church. It’s been a big week for discussing religious freedom in Australia. There has been some shrill commentary about how the government is moving to stop us talking about Jesus. This concern is disproportionate to reality. And it’s directed at the wrong target. The biggest threat to the church talking about Jesus isn’t[…]

Is there a place for Jesus in the school yard?

You might have seen the story in The Australian this morning about a state government crackdown on religion in state schools. The Queensland Government has been reviewing the material that Religious Instruction teachers — including people from Creek Road — teach in our schools. The review (http://education.qld.gov.au/schools/school-operations/docs/report-access-ministries-materials.pdf) found that the material was appropriate for purpose,[…]